Foreign Exchange

May 13, 2008

sp catwalk

This is just the start. We can’t change the world overnight, but something is better than nothing. There’s no denying that fashion can be fickle. Trends come and go, countless new designers shine for a while before sadly disappearing. What was in favor this Spring may not get through Summer. What we want to exchange with you is South American style. we want you to know how to “Summer-rise” your world. Let’s exchange streets, night life, music, fashion designers. The first time I came to United States was also the first time I left South America. I was traveling with my best friend and we went to great memorizing streets and places, speaking only when necessary to hide our Latin accents. I couldn’t help noticing that the South American passengers looked comfortable in knee-high leather boots and fitted sweaters, while the American travelers decided that the only way to do a red-eye was in their pajamas, or some version of it. Some cultures take fashion more seriously, the Frenches and Brits are winners. But when we talk about style, identity, comfort and beauty OH…and not forgetting beautiful sunshine…South America is a blend of all these.

Most women will admit to having a subversive side. But at the end of the day very few can deny that we love to wear something uncompromisingly pretty. You’ll find out what’s out on streets of São Paulo and Buenos Aires that inspires me so much. And delight yourself with those Latin beats.

We are B’aires…a dynamic collection of South American designers, founded to explore the South through a different perspective and bring to America support and inspiration…and beauty.

Let’s refuse to be boring, chiefly because we are not boring.


One comment

  1. It makes me happy to see how you can capture the essence of the South American fashion and translate into words all its beauty, charm and sunlike essence. Great post!

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