Heads up Fashionistas!!!!

May 22, 2008

Sao Paulo used to remind me of everything bad about a modern-mega-city ; Up to 20 million people live in its hectic and gridlocked streets! Then, a few years ago something happened…and kept happening, the first boutique hotel opened, Fashion week began to make waves around the world, and don’t forget about the boom in restaurants, shops, nightclubs, galleries and museums. All of a sudden, Sao Paulo was the most culturally exciting place in Brazil. There’s so much to see and taste and share. The streets are as trendy as New York city’s.

Also, Minister of Culture/singer Gilberto Gil announced the government’s new dedication to pushing fashion in Brazil, which will affirm the country’s up and coming designers as bona fide resources.

On the runways of 2007, plaid and flannel were staples. A variety of prints and strategically placed ruffles made everything more interesting too. When it comes to size, trouser pants and other high waisted bottoms, like in the U.S., were responses to the skinny movement, and dresses and skirts took on all lengths.

Next stop is “Casa de Criadores” (House of Creators) that presents upcoming new designers to this world. Most of them still fashion students or first time collections. Some are presented by designers that already established their spots in the fashion world. I’ll be following their runways and select a few categories that I liked best. The House of Creators begins May 28th and goes for three days non-stop. Puma got to pick the  music director…for all the runways, followed by a Lounge set to blow minds. The electronic underground scene is all ready to save their sits and enjoy the view. They’ll also have a Lab Project designed to fist-time cat walk designers. Paulo Elias, Marya Nasser, Der Metropol are a few of them. Out of the runways, there will have a space dedicated to music, sort of a mini-festival by upcoming local musicians. I can’t wait to tell you what’s on their minds and bodies, so stay posted and check back as I report on this big event in the next week or 2. All will be located at Shopping Frei Caneca, one the most trendy neighborhoods in the capital and if you’re around…it’s a must see.

Check out this video from when I was a fashion student 2 years ago and attending this event in its infancy. It’s polemic, social conscious and a beautiful event. This years is sure to show Brazil’s growth as a fashion house and I will post videos as soon as I get my hands on some good feeds.

So, check us back to find out more about The House.


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