First day “The House”

May 29, 2008

Forget what you think you know about fashion world and especially if you associations involve Hollywood-super-star + New-York-street-wear, and prepare for a refreshing look by some of my favorites designers from Day One of “The House”.

A new generation of design setters. Here I present my favorites looks from Day One!



They bring something decidedly funky and fresh. They are making clothing for men and woman who don’t take them too seriously. By doing that life seems like a piece of delicious chocolate.


His mix of hippie-chic timeless, as well as functional basis…creates an ideal backdrop for Sao Paulo’s street wear. 


Surrounded by animated figures, Todi Cofusi’s designers played around with colors, compositions, layers and mix cultures. I found myself going to a dream party.


Walerio carnavalesque’s show brought his character live. He moved to Sao Paulo and began his career designing wedding dresses. Now designing for the House and exclusive celebrities, as well for drag queens at night scenes in Sao Paulo capital. Animalesques figures take forms of Goddess’s beauty…a vibe of Phanteism.


Two more days for The House of Creators to end…and I’ll pick our favorites for your delight.


picture’s source:erikapalomino’s website


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