Day two “The House”

May 30, 2008


Fashion and art meet again at this beautiful rainy day at The HOUSE fashion show.

These were my picks…and I have to tell you, it was difficult to choose amongst all the talent. Their pieces were for those twenty-something girls/boys who wants to go straight to the night/gallery/party …after their work ( how else could they afford these gems?). Enjoy!



P’tit was like writing songs, poetry or taking photographs. Simply a delightful dream. Dresses and skirts with a strong point, patchwork, detailed by hand, and an indie inspiration came along with good spirits. It was not about being cooler, it was about being themselves.



Joao did almost the impossible. Transformed men’s wear in something fun, edgy and sophisticated… but not gay. I would say there’s a touch of “My lady, I’m going on a hunt and I’ll meet you at the ball” and it worked!!! The tricolor suit was my favorite piece. Waist bands, reds and caquis were the trendy spots that I’m sure will be around the run-ways to come. They are the kind of wear-with-everything pieces. That will be certainly coveted by vintage collectors. I loved it! 

ADD (Attention Deaf Disorder)


 ADD showed what’s on the smart/funky/intelectual brazilians wardrobe at the moment. Very casual and comercial they immediately spoke to  us. Bands and artists love the look. If you’re lucky enough, one day, you’ll meet one of them. Head bands, loose bags, shorts, tons of dirty looks, tie-dyes and tropicalism.



And to finish my Day Two post….DIVA. The divas of our times cannot skip this one. It’s the fusion of vintage with pop art. Is that possible?…yes mi diva. Flowers and more flowers filled the show with harmony and beauty. Very comercial and boldly colored.


Heading now for our last day on The House!




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