Videoblog: The lab Project

June 1, 2008

So, The House is over. Or should I say it’s just the beginning?!….New designers proved to themselves and the international audience that they are here and HOT .

They’re out there and hiting my inner self, and all I wanted to do was to be out there, see what they do…and what it takes.

They had Red Bull Music Academy for the especial guests, forming an arena with indie musicians and Djs. Sweet aham. This academy attends events all over the world, including the famous Best-Party zones like Amsterdam and Barcelona, giving fresh perspectives on music and sound in general. 

After 10 years of hard work, upcoming designers have set The House of Creators on the Brazil’s fashion calendar. As they say… pictures ( well video here ) are worth more than words , so ….watch this video from the Project lab featuring six new designers: João Elias, Tony Jr., Márya Nasser, Der Metropol, Clarissa Lorenz and R. Rosner.

Yes, just like any other work of art. 


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