Fashion RiO

June 17, 2008

Like the dandyish time-traveling protagonists of a adventure novel, RiO fashion week shared themes of lust, passion, tropicalia and style…just like its streets.

Rio is the city where poverty and wealthiness share the same beach and neighborhood. It’s the hot spot for surf and beautiful woman. One day I heard a friend saying “Oh My God, I’ve never seen so many sculptural woman in my life…all at one place..and all looking like Giselle (Bunchen)”. I first taught that was funny, but really…it’s pretty much like that. Just listen to “The Girl from Ipanema” from Jobim and imagine yourself delighted with beauty. It’s unsurprisingly that Fashion Week in RiO is seductive and explore different cultures with accurate eyes.

The runways started June 7th and is ended Thursday June12th (on Valentine’s day in Brazil).

RiO hits the edge, and Sao Paulo Fashion Week comes next in the Calendar!!!! Tomorrow is the first day! Followed with an explosion of brazilian beauty-fashion-trends. Can’t wait to tell you what we most loved!


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