The luxury vs. Good design

June 23, 2008

Luxury is desired. No doubt. Of course we’re not living in The Fairy Tale of Chanel and Dior’s world….but we do like good design, quality and individualism. 

 Over the next few posts, I will continue to explore how both local players and international brands are responding to this change and what may happen in the years to come. This is the market to watch for a shift that is emerging  in other advanced luxury markets as well.

Teenage women, who ten or fifteen years ago may have been decked out head-to-toe in Chanel or Prada, are shopping at the low-priced modern vintage boutiques, which is a better match for their smaller budgets. While this would have been unthinkable a few years back, it is now de rigueur for the young generation, which deliver better value and perceived individuality.

The boutiques also offer upcoming designers collections, Its clothes are marketed as “real” and “accessible” unlike the clothes shown on European high fashion runways which are perceived to be  over-processed and over-priced. They deliver creativity, originality and good service.

Theodora by Rita Weiner is located at Rua (street) Augusta/ Sao Paulo – Brazil, one of the Hot spots for fashionistas from all over the globe. It offers a variety of one-of-a-kind t-shirts (a MUST) and beautiful collections that transcends color, artisan work, and unique over-sized bags. They also have a great on-line blog, where you contact the store by e-mail, order your desirable pieces and also make acquaintances with them. They have a personalized service, where you can chat about style, what to wear or any sort of question about existentialism involving fashion, of course. Or if you happen to be around South America – check them out!

They love you as much as we love them!

on-line store: www.theodoraonline.blogspot.com

Their website: www.theodora.com.br

photos courtesy by Theodora.






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