Meet the New Talent: Diego Cattani

July 5, 2008

Diego Cattani – Jewelry Designer 


The designer is from Sergipe (BR), sells in Sao Paulo (at OUI, and at Twin Ellus stores) and also exports to New York and Tokyo. He participated in the second edition of Fashion House, in Rio de Janeiro, launching his new collection. The frisson around Diego’s accessories gained strength during his shows at Amni HotSpot in Minas Gerais, during winter 2005, but his history has its roots more in Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Graduated from Santa Marcelina (Sao Paulo), the designer worked with Eduardo Inagaki, experience that qualifies as very important, “for having come into contact with the force aesthetics of Inagaki, Dudu Bertholini, Rita Comparato, Lau Neves, Rick Castro ” diego explains.

He says about the grounds of his new collection: “The news is the exclusive colors, I am experiencing the variety in the process of dyeing, the tye dyes, skins of exotic animals – raccoon, fox, harm …” In addition to wood, which already is a trademark, Diego now works with cordonê, leather, chains and metal. “There are several lines: the most commercial, we call rock or folk, and more conceptual lines, with wooden designs and exotic combinations such as metal shell and bones.”




Diego designs for hit brands in South America, as well as his own atelie at Higienopolis (noble neighborhood in Sao Paulo). He’s already hit between fashionistas and designers for playing with the androgyny of jewelry. Someone finally proved that the boys can have just as much fun as the girls!


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  1. fashion jewelries are very expensive in my opinion but of course they look great’~*

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