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The Chronicles of Beautiful People – Part II

August 13, 2008

She has always represented this sweet-dark, slightly tarnished… aesthetic which I love, a truly muse for the Brazilian beats. Simone Carvalho Mendes lives in Rio de Janeiro studying fashion design and loving the warm tropical country. She moved from Sao Paulo to France to Rio….in a matter of 22 years. For our second round of Beautiful people I invite Simone to out guest list and to tell us a bit about the city from the famous song “Girl from Ipanema” and her fashion life…among other things. She clearly wants to make a statement, and by doing art and introducing her face to the world…she can consider her mission started.

She comes across as a light, vibrant, strong, street-educated individual. The fashion world will be thankful!

A.A.: There many designers absolutely influenced by art movements. Do you consider yourself part of this group? Is there any specific influence in your work?
Simone Mendes: The truth is, I usually do not hold on to anything specific when I’m creating. Art Movements are essential in fashion, and I’m always looking for art on my work, but not necessarily be directly influenced.

A.A. What inspires you then?
S.Mendes: Everything. There’s no main focus of inspiration. Even know if I limit my inspiration I limit myself.

A.A. Tell me what you think of this wave of “love affair” with fashion and art?
S.Mendes: I’m pretty much deeply involved in this wave. It’s almost a ménage a trois! I’m in fashion for art…and not just to dress people. Fashion is my way to express myself and create….and this is what I’m looking for my career.

A.A.: When you graduate, what’s next?
S.Mendes: I started working at a Bride’s atelier. It’s very exciting and I’m happy there. I know I’ll be able to learn a lot with my lovely boss. So for now I’m very satisfied.

A.A. What the context behind the runways represents to you?
S.Mendes: It’s very complicated once you’re there. I worked in three seasons for Rio Fashion Week and pretend to participate at Sao Paulo Fashion Week soon. It’s a cruel world….that’s why I rather work for the creation department, you need to be prepared psychologically. There’s a lot a people trying to run over you, get your spot, take advantages….of course you can find these everywhere in fashion…but in runways it’s more evident.
A.A.: I noticed you like tattoos. Is it a way to express you artistic side as well?
S. Mendes: Sure. A lot of my friends ask why I did it. And it’s an art expression, I use my body as the canvas…but my intentions are not to cover my whole body, not at all. Everything in excess is bad.

A.A.: How is to be living in France for years and move back to your origins, where there’s a humongous cultural differences. Tell me about this experience.
S. Mendes: It’s crazy!! haha. Especially because when I got back to Brazil I moved to Rio, a city where I had never lived before. I had been here in vacation, of course, but it’s another story when you live. France is a beautiful place, but too cold…not just the weather, but people. So, you can imagine the cultural chock I had in moving back to Brazil where they are very warm and gracious people. I like both countries, but if I had to choose after all these years of both experiences…I stick with my origins.

AA. If you could be an icon….who would that be?
S. Mendes.: Man, I’m not very into that…but whom I love by their style are the Olsen twins … and beauty would be Monica Belucci…she’s hot!

A.A. :Passions?
S. Mendes: God, my family, my boyfriend, my friends and art in general.

A.A.: Who are you favorite fashion designers?
S. Mendes: Yoji Yamamoto, Marc Jacobs, Vivianne Westwood, Marcelo Sommer (Estilista), Tufi Duek (Forum).

A.A.: Places you consider a “MUST” visit in Rio!
S. Mendes: You can’t go away from Lapa. There’s an amazing variety, a mix of tribes and styles and everyone goes along. I’m spending some time at Barra da Tijuca also, where it’s more calm and relaxing. If you’re looking for pubs and underground music the place to go is Zona Sul…you find music all night long.

A.A. What’s your style? Is there any accessory you can’t live without?
S.Mendes: I’m undefined. I love to change. There’s no fun if you work in fashion and you dress the same every single day, right? If there’s something I can’t live without is a good pair of skinny jeans.

A.A. What is in your playlist?
S.Mendes: For a long time i was into Rock’n Roll…but now I’m very eclectic…r’n’b’, rap, pop…it doesn’t make any sense…but I don’t like routines and music cannot get in the same routine for me, so I’m changing all the time.

A.A. Tell me about Rio as the capital of beauty, tourism and violence. How do these worlds get along?
S.Mendes: The truth is that the media tells people that Rio is this contrast of violent beautiful world. But the reality is different. There are a lot of neighborhoods very safe and with freedom to come and go. They make Rio to look like a circus…. and it’s not like this. Of course, we have bad places and dangerous areas around…but these kinds of neighborhoods are all around the world.

A.A.: In this world of indecision, lack of humanity and conscience, do you believe that fashion can offer something social conscious? That fashion designers can bring more color to this black and white world? S.Mendes: I think fashion has a very big part of this social environment. As we’ve been seeing along the years many designers are engaged in this “organic” idea and “fair-trade” relationships. I believe fashion is here to show who we are and what we become. People are starting to realize how bad to the planet is carry a leather bag from Dior. Instead, the technology is helping creating fibers out of bamboo or other natural resources. We do bring colors to this world and nobody can never doubt this.

The passion that connects the client with the creator is essential…and can never be gone. – Simone Carvalho Mendes.


The Chronicles of Beautiful People – part I

July 14, 2008

It’s no secret,in Sao Paulo Brazil who you are and who you know has always mattered more than what you do. What’s unique about today’s nouveau-hipster-style is that they have seen the city like this before.The hysteria of the boom before the bust is all, it was their parents who were the taste-makers of yesteryear: the artists, musicians, designers and muses of the mid-’80s, as well as the lawyers, publicists, writers who gave them a cultural and financial context. Some of these old folks still have flourishing careers, but many find themselves in the middle of a media era they will never quite know how to manage. And the new generation find their wickedly dynamic ways to survive. Our beautiful people posts will introduce young students/professionals from South America, talking about their worst and best rides in the planet!

The effervescent brazilian-born student/publicist/and fashion lover from Sao Paulo Brazil can have a hippie vibe if goes to the right places. With her bee-stung lips, it’s no wonder the playful 22 year -old felt compelled to give us the first interview about life in the South A. She’s certainly got the credentials and is trying out her career skills, and competing around one of the coolest cities in South America. Let’s find out what’s inside the college student’s minds/bodies/life at the capital..where party is anytime, everywhere, with everyone. Graziela Mazzer is our guest for the season…

Graziela Mazzer is a senior undergrad publicist at University of Fine Arts in Sao Paulo. Immediately agreed to an interview and tell us how is the world around her beautiful mind…

a.m.a.: How have things changed since you moved to Sao Paulo?

Mazzer.: I grew up. I learned to adapt myself to different situations, good or bad, Sao Paulo offered this beautiful dynamic of life where I have to socialize with a variety of people, cultures and ethnicity, If you don’t stop to get to know them well enough it’s just not worth the living (not like watching them, but like an anthropologist, admire and study human behavior). Respect the differences, have always a second opinion and advice. I’m also more aware of things like never before. I feel agitated like the city…there’s no way to live in Sao Paulo if you don’t follow the flow. The city that never sleeps (like NY). There’s freedom in fashion. Every season the streets change constantly, you can be a fashion victim or not, and adapt your style to your own life. Independence and ambition pairs with curiosity.

a.m.a.: how truthful is what you see on television (from a publicist view)?

Mazzer: There’s not much truth on TV. The audience is what matters. And with the lifestyle I have…there’s not much time for tv anyway.

a.m.a.: What country would you like to visit most?

Mazzer: Spain.

a.m.a.: TV shows you watch?

Mazzer: Greys Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.

a.m.a.: Art galleries?

Mazzer: MASP at Paulista Avenue.

a.m.a.: Not necessarily in the same order…but what are your preferences these days for…beaches,shopping, food, beer, music, books?

Mazzer.: I’ll try to go over all these things without writing a novel…:) My favorite beaches are Ilhabela and Juquey (north coast of the state). It’s the hit now, a lot of young people that loves to have fun. Shopping is Patio Higienopolis, it’s like a huge mansion transformed in a shopping area with boutiques, cafes, gym, bookstores, cinema and restaurants. I love Chinese and Japanese food, the oriental culture in Sao Paulo is strong..we also have Chinatown where the best Chinese restaurants are located, and of course…Barbecue (the famous Brazilian churrasco!). My beer is Heineken. I’m very eclectic with music…from The Beatles to The Killers, and my playlists flourishing with House, Techno, Electro, Jazz and Rock. For movies, it’s hard to choose, but Volver from Almodovar, Requiem for a Dream, 21gr, Interview with the Vampire are top fav’s. So far the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho garantees you a full and fascinating life.

a.m.a.: What’s your style and designer?

Mazzer.:A nice and comfortable pair of jeans and sunglasses are a MUST. I like Coco Chanel, Vivienne Westwood and Marc Jacobs for international designers…and local is Gloria Coelho.

a.m.a.: Sourpusses say SP nightlife isn’t what it used to be. Do you agree? How do you think it’s changed?

Mazzer:Sao Paulo changes constantly. It’s always possible to find good places to go out every single night!…There are no boring days in the city. You find renowned names in the music scene at clubs like D-edge, CLash, Vegas, Pacha. Festivals every year, like this year the Tim Festival will bring famous bands and singers like Amy Winehouse (if she survives), Bjork and the Gossip. The city is the first stop for international music, and the rest of the country follows it. There’s always something new, you choose what to like or dislike.

a.m.a.: Do you ever want to just stay home?

Mazzer.: Yes, the body asks to retire for a moment (laughs).

a.m.a.: If you could be an icon…who would you be?

Mazzer.: Catarine Deneuve. Gorgeous and elegant.

Graziela interns for DiGiPronto, an digital agency for ambiance online…following the creation process, organizing meetings and giving them the feedback from clients. And she complements: I’m enjoying this experience very much, the contact with clients and taking action with my acknowledge…it’s the first step of a dream, it’s the beginning of a career and I like it. There’s no monotony here, every day is a challenge.

Adding that attitude is key for success. Graziela Mazzer (Sao Paulo, Brazil).