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Meet the New Talent: Diego Cattani

July 5, 2008

Diego Cattani – Jewelry Designer 


The designer is from Sergipe (BR), sells in Sao Paulo (at OUI, and at Twin Ellus stores) and also exports to New York and Tokyo. He participated in the second edition of Fashion House, in Rio de Janeiro, launching his new collection. The frisson around Diego’s accessories gained strength during his shows at Amni HotSpot in Minas Gerais, during winter 2005, but his history has its roots more in Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Graduated from Santa Marcelina (Sao Paulo), the designer worked with Eduardo Inagaki, experience that qualifies as very important, “for having come into contact with the force aesthetics of Inagaki, Dudu Bertholini, Rita Comparato, Lau Neves, Rick Castro ” diego explains.

He says about the grounds of his new collection: “The news is the exclusive colors, I am experiencing the variety in the process of dyeing, the tye dyes, skins of exotic animals – raccoon, fox, harm …” In addition to wood, which already is a trademark, Diego now works with cordonê, leather, chains and metal. “There are several lines: the most commercial, we call rock or folk, and more conceptual lines, with wooden designs and exotic combinations such as metal shell and bones.”




Diego designs for hit brands in South America, as well as his own atelie at Higienopolis (noble neighborhood in Sao Paulo). He’s already hit between fashionistas and designers for playing with the androgyny of jewelry. Someone finally proved that the boys can have just as much fun as the girls!


The luxury vs. Good design

June 23, 2008

Luxury is desired. No doubt. Of course we’re not living in The Fairy Tale of Chanel and Dior’s world….but we do like good design, quality and individualism. 

 Over the next few posts, I will continue to explore how both local players and international brands are responding to this change and what may happen in the years to come. This is the market to watch for a shift that is emerging  in other advanced luxury markets as well.

Teenage women, who ten or fifteen years ago may have been decked out head-to-toe in Chanel or Prada, are shopping at the low-priced modern vintage boutiques, which is a better match for their smaller budgets. While this would have been unthinkable a few years back, it is now de rigueur for the young generation, which deliver better value and perceived individuality.

The boutiques also offer upcoming designers collections, Its clothes are marketed as “real” and “accessible” unlike the clothes shown on European high fashion runways which are perceived to be  over-processed and over-priced. They deliver creativity, originality and good service.

Theodora by Rita Weiner is located at Rua (street) Augusta/ Sao Paulo – Brazil, one of the Hot spots for fashionistas from all over the globe. It offers a variety of one-of-a-kind t-shirts (a MUST) and beautiful collections that transcends color, artisan work, and unique over-sized bags. They also have a great on-line blog, where you contact the store by e-mail, order your desirable pieces and also make acquaintances with them. They have a personalized service, where you can chat about style, what to wear or any sort of question about existentialism involving fashion, of course. Or if you happen to be around South America – check them out!

They love you as much as we love them!

on-line store:

Their website:

photos courtesy by Theodora.






Bohemian Rhapsody

June 20, 2008

We decided to open this space in a monthly shout out to our latin muses.

Finally,  see the super-sexy streets of South America. Daily wear can only lead to an intervertion.

Our picks – Sao PAulo, RiO, Buenos Aires…….voilla!

Sao Paulo


Buenos Aires



Fashion RiO

June 17, 2008

Like the dandyish time-traveling protagonists of a adventure novel, RiO fashion week shared themes of lust, passion, tropicalia and style…just like its streets.

Rio is the city where poverty and wealthiness share the same beach and neighborhood. It’s the hot spot for surf and beautiful woman. One day I heard a friend saying “Oh My God, I’ve never seen so many sculptural woman in my life…all at one place..and all looking like Giselle (Bunchen)”. I first taught that was funny, but really…it’s pretty much like that. Just listen to “The Girl from Ipanema” from Jobim and imagine yourself delighted with beauty. It’s unsurprisingly that Fashion Week in RiO is seductive and explore different cultures with accurate eyes.

The runways started June 7th and is ended Thursday June12th (on Valentine’s day in Brazil).

RiO hits the edge, and Sao Paulo Fashion Week comes next in the Calendar!!!! Tomorrow is the first day! Followed with an explosion of brazilian beauty-fashion-trends. Can’t wait to tell you what we most loved!


Videoblog: The lab Project

June 1, 2008

So, The House is over. Or should I say it’s just the beginning?!….New designers proved to themselves and the international audience that they are here and HOT .

They’re out there and hiting my inner self, and all I wanted to do was to be out there, see what they do…and what it takes.

They had Red Bull Music Academy for the especial guests, forming an arena with indie musicians and Djs. Sweet aham. This academy attends events all over the world, including the famous Best-Party zones like Amsterdam and Barcelona, giving fresh perspectives on music and sound in general. 

After 10 years of hard work, upcoming designers have set The House of Creators on the Brazil’s fashion calendar. As they say… pictures ( well video here ) are worth more than words , so ….watch this video from the Project lab featuring six new designers: João Elias, Tony Jr., Márya Nasser, Der Metropol, Clarissa Lorenz and R. Rosner.

Yes, just like any other work of art. 


Day two “The House”

May 30, 2008


Fashion and art meet again at this beautiful rainy day at The HOUSE fashion show.

These were my picks…and I have to tell you, it was difficult to choose amongst all the talent. Their pieces were for those twenty-something girls/boys who wants to go straight to the night/gallery/party …after their work ( how else could they afford these gems?). Enjoy!



P’tit was like writing songs, poetry or taking photographs. Simply a delightful dream. Dresses and skirts with a strong point, patchwork, detailed by hand, and an indie inspiration came along with good spirits. It was not about being cooler, it was about being themselves.



Joao did almost the impossible. Transformed men’s wear in something fun, edgy and sophisticated… but not gay. I would say there’s a touch of “My lady, I’m going on a hunt and I’ll meet you at the ball” and it worked!!! The tricolor suit was my favorite piece. Waist bands, reds and caquis were the trendy spots that I’m sure will be around the run-ways to come. They are the kind of wear-with-everything pieces. That will be certainly coveted by vintage collectors. I loved it! 

ADD (Attention Deaf Disorder)


 ADD showed what’s on the smart/funky/intelectual brazilians wardrobe at the moment. Very casual and comercial they immediately spoke to  us. Bands and artists love the look. If you’re lucky enough, one day, you’ll meet one of them. Head bands, loose bags, shorts, tons of dirty looks, tie-dyes and tropicalism.



And to finish my Day Two post….DIVA. The divas of our times cannot skip this one. It’s the fusion of vintage with pop art. Is that possible?…yes mi diva. Flowers and more flowers filled the show with harmony and beauty. Very comercial and boldly colored.


Heading now for our last day on The House!




Heads up Fashionistas!!!!

May 22, 2008

Sao Paulo used to remind me of everything bad about a modern-mega-city ; Up to 20 million people live in its hectic and gridlocked streets! Then, a few years ago something happened…and kept happening, the first boutique hotel opened, Fashion week began to make waves around the world, and don’t forget about the boom in restaurants, shops, nightclubs, galleries and museums. All of a sudden, Sao Paulo was the most culturally exciting place in Brazil. There’s so much to see and taste and share. The streets are as trendy as New York city’s.

Also, Minister of Culture/singer Gilberto Gil announced the government’s new dedication to pushing fashion in Brazil, which will affirm the country’s up and coming designers as bona fide resources.

On the runways of 2007, plaid and flannel were staples. A variety of prints and strategically placed ruffles made everything more interesting too. When it comes to size, trouser pants and other high waisted bottoms, like in the U.S., were responses to the skinny movement, and dresses and skirts took on all lengths.

Next stop is “Casa de Criadores” (House of Creators) that presents upcoming new designers to this world. Most of them still fashion students or first time collections. Some are presented by designers that already established their spots in the fashion world. I’ll be following their runways and select a few categories that I liked best. The House of Creators begins May 28th and goes for three days non-stop. Puma got to pick the  music director…for all the runways, followed by a Lounge set to blow minds. The electronic underground scene is all ready to save their sits and enjoy the view. They’ll also have a Lab Project designed to fist-time cat walk designers. Paulo Elias, Marya Nasser, Der Metropol are a few of them. Out of the runways, there will have a space dedicated to music, sort of a mini-festival by upcoming local musicians. I can’t wait to tell you what’s on their minds and bodies, so stay posted and check back as I report on this big event in the next week or 2. All will be located at Shopping Frei Caneca, one the most trendy neighborhoods in the capital and if you’re around…it’s a must see.

Check out this video from when I was a fashion student 2 years ago and attending this event in its infancy. It’s polemic, social conscious and a beautiful event. This years is sure to show Brazil’s growth as a fashion house and I will post videos as soon as I get my hands on some good feeds.

So, check us back to find out more about The House.